Monday, November 20, 2017

Aquimedes program for Project Management

 Work with parametric price banks (including those compiled in DLLs), with multiple prices (prices for labour, materials, etc.,), and with specifications (if the price bank you are working with includes them). Includes a dictionary to quickly locate concepts based on key terms. Associates graphics to job items, chapters and unit prices.
A unit concept (labour, machinery, material, unclassified unit or unjustified job item) can have multiple prices, i.e. can contain several process which depend on the value of a parameter selected by the user. For example, a database (price bank or bill of quantities) can have the category City as a parameter, so the user can choose the desired city. Each city will have a price for each unit concept which has multiple prices.
            In Arquimedes, unit multiple prices can already be included in a database when it is opened or can be created by the user based on a simple price. Quantities can be introduced using details tables and subtables.
             Mathematical formulae can be introduced within these tables. These quantity tables can be linked in such a way that any modifications carried out in one will cause any other tables it is linked with to be automatically updated.Using this module, quantity lines can be obtained from DXF or DWG files. Quantities which can be imported include: counted amounts of elements, linear lengths, polygonal lengths, circular perimeter lengths, rectangular areas, polygonal areas, etc.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

FOCUS Workday HCM Software ERP

Workday was founded in 2005 by two ex-PeopleSoft visionaries; they created an on-demand configurable cloud based Human Capital Management (HCM) and Financial Management (FM) solution to suit clients of all shapes and sizes.

A decade after forming, the company now has over 2300+ customers across the world to whom they provide leading enterprise Cloud applications for HCM and FM.

For Workday clients and accredited partners, Focus Cloud can help you find the right candidates with the necessary skills to support you at short notice on contracts or more permanent talent solutions.
At this stage you need to create a business case for your potential system change and need advice to select the correct system to fit your goals and budget. There is the need to assign your change management team to begin the design of your change strategy, get your compliance and risk assessment in place, design your global data migration strategy, plan for your international data privacy policies and finalise your talent management strategy.

Focus deliver the following skills at your planning stage on both a permanent basis or a temporary contract:

  • Programme Manager - Candidates with a track record of delivering global SaaS deployment from both a consulting background or end users.
  • Functional Solutions Architect - Focus Cloud keep all our candidate’s certifications on file so that we can support your project at speed as well as meet all your compliance needs.
  • Project Manager - Profiles of the last 3 projects are referenced and kept on file to verify track records.
  • Business Analysts - To support the design team in running workshops.
  • Vendor Certified Specialist - This depends on which modules or version of SaaS deployment.
  • Change Managers
  • HR Talent Management Specialist

Friday, March 27, 2015

Capsule CRM for business

Get a complete contact view.
The contact page gives you a birds eye view of everything you know about a contact so that you can keep track of the people, companies and other organizations that you do business with.

Share contacts with co-workers ensuring you all have a single up-to-date view of the contact.
Categorize contacts using tags that you define and that are relevant to your business such as lead, customer, vendor etc. You can even customize Capsule to record additional information when a tag is applied. e.g. lead source when a person is tagged as a lead.
Easily add notes about conversations you've had, meeting outcomes, how the contact is known to you etc.
Track all email communications by sending emails from Outlook or any email client into Capsule. The email becomes part of the contact's history along with attachments so it’s easily available in one place. Capsule will automatically create a new contact for you if it doesn't find a match in your account.
Attach documents, agreements, proposals and other files.
Import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, vCard, spreadsheets and any CSV file.
Manage your sales pipeline

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