Saturday, September 17, 2011

dotProject – Review

dotProject is a web based project management tool, based on PHP and using MySQL databases. It is one of the best free tools we have found, with an excellent layout and design and fast page loads as well as clean and concise lines, so its easy to see what to do. It stands out from the crowd by offering a view that almost all other project management tools ignore, instead of just managing projects, you can manage several companies at once. This level of control is excellent for busy professionals who have several companies all involved in several projects. dotProject makes it easy for these administrators to do their jobs quickly and efficiently. dotProject has yet more excellent features too, including the ability to attack files to tasks and projects, and not just notes like other tools. It also allows you access to budgets as well as a decent employee database system. The program is Open Source and that means free, all you need to pay for is the hosting, and you're up and ready to go. dotProject provides more than just project management solutions, it also sets up a help desk, with trouble tickets. This allows your clients to contact you with their issues and complaint or suggestions, and organizes them by date or priority. This allows you quick and efficient client support and record logging. The only thing missing from this excellent project management tool is a time logging module, allowing team members to show when they were actively working, although this is a common feature on most other tools, it is not a great loss here as this tool was intended for smaller companies, to increase efficiency and therefore productivity, and not just to bill clients. dotProject has excellent support with an entire community ready to help you as well as a bug tracking service.

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