Tuesday, September 20, 2011

iTeamWork – Review

iTeamWork is, as its name suggests, based on providing team members the files and information they need to get their job done quickly and efficiently. The main functions of the system are controlled by e-mail, and the only thing that team members need to do to keep the system working is report when they have completed a task or finished the project. The system is fairly simple to use if you're the administrator of the project, but if you were a freelance coder or designer working on the project you may have some difficulties. Once a new project is started the administrator adds tasks, and assigns personnel to do them, the program then sends out an email to these personnel informing them of the task, and telling them to register. I myself dislike this method of contact with other team members, it would be disastrous to mistype an email address and then not have a coder notified of the work. However this does not mean that this is a bad tool, it does have several features that many users appreciate a lot. iTeamWork includes the option to attach notes to specific tasks, unlike many other project management tools, this allows you to add additional files, links, images and information to update the task or allow the person to complete the task efficiently. It also features an option to convert a task into a project, allowing you to micro manage if necessary, or even to assign each task to a team of individuals with a manager. iTeamWork is only free when you are using the web based version that you must register for, since a large portion of the tools relies on e-mail it's wise not to use this unless you and your team is happy and comfortable using computers. However there are other choices, for a relatively small fee you can either buy the product and use it on standalone computers, or have your own specific site hosted by iTeamWork.

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