Monday, September 19, 2011

Double Choco Latte – Review

Double Choco Latte is a tool that does a lot more than just basic project management. It includes features that enable you to act as a help and support centre and also a tool to create work orders. Double Choco Latte also goes into more depth than most alternate project management tools, these features include bug tracking, but also tracking the severity of the bug, listing personnel but also being able to assign them to specific departments in the project team. Double Choco Latte is web based as are many project management tools, it can be easily installed on an intranet or even the internet allowing you to access it from anywhere, great if you have to visits clients elsewhere. Double Choco Latte includes the standard project management features such as a time card system, as well as a client based tracking system, Double Choco Latte uses these features well, and it is one of the best ones on the market. Double Choco Latte does, like all software, have its faults. For instance, it's quite hard to generate statistics and graphs using this software, and it has limited options when it comes to exporting your information. It is web based using PHP and MySQL and is quite easy to install, however there is quite a steep learning curve with this project management tool, and the layout and style of the program can be confusing at times. Once however the team has been introduced to this tool and shown how to use it effectively it really is an excellent tool and will increase productivity on your project team. Overall I would suggest using this as an advanced tool, and use this after introducing your team to simpler tools which are not as powerful or feature packed as this one.

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