Sunday, July 10, 2011

Payroll Calculator 2003 v3.7a software

Payroll Calculator easily calculates your worked hours and your overtime hours so you will know what to expect in your next paycheck. Add to that a feature which prints out a report listing all of your worked hours, OT, and total net pay.

So when you get your paycheck, if the hours or pay are different, you can take this printed report to your manager and show the differences/mistakes, ensuring you always get well-paid paycheck!

The Job Profiles feature if for when you have more than one job and you can make separate calculations files for each job. You can also export to Excel, HTML formats or Comma Delimited format for 3rd party spreadsheet program.


  1. Nice information for the newbie's there .I own a small business and i am planning for some pay rolling service's for my business is it advisable to outsource the patrolling of the business instead of hiring a men itself for this service.

  2. There are other options to distribute payroll to one’s employees. By utilizing new payroll card and paycheck calculatortechnology, it is certainly fast and more efficient to distribute payments.

  3. Another ePayroll system worth a look: SmartWage. Preferred by employees and prevents errors on the part of the employer.

    Pay Cards


  4. If you hire a payrolling company which provide you quality work in fair pricing will saves lots of money which can get wasted otherwise in creating and handling infrastructure for payrolling.


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