Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GEUP 3D 1.0 civil construction software

GEUP 3D is an interactive solid geometry software for math calculation and visualization. It allows to create dynamic and general constructions/applications visually by defining math elements. GEUP 3D allows the modification of the construction visually (directly in screen) and it calculates each one of its particular cases in real time.

Main Features:
- Capability to apply in solid, analytical, transformational geometry.
- Capability to construct the basics geometric elements: point, line, circle, polygon(including regular polygon), polyhedron, sphere.
- It allows to modify the geometric elements dynamically, reforming very fast the construction.
- Calculate fast and precise loci (curves and surfaces).
- Geometric transformations: central symmetry, axial symmetry, translation, rotation.
- It calculates functions of construction measures, being able to use these values in any construction step.
- Capability to define parameters with visual variation.
- Dialog box to plot points.
- Construction list.
- Capability of dynamic visualization of the 3D space (rotation, zoom in/out, translation).
- Automatic selection of points.
- Capability to edit and modify the construction at any step.
- Capability to print any area of the defined plane and change the scale.
- Easy to learn and easy to use.
- Fully customizable. It includes multi-language support

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