Saturday, July 16, 2011

GSRoadsEW civil construction software

GS ROADS EW is a software tool to generate Longitudinal, Cross Section Drawings and Quantity Reports for Earth filling/cutting in the construction of Roads

GS ROADS EW is intelligent application software, specially developed to cater to the needs of Civil Contractors, Civil Engineers, Builders, Government Bodies, and Public Sector Undertakings, who are primarily engaged in executing Road Construction works.

GS ROADS EW is a Earthwork Quantity calculation Software tool to generate Longitudinal (L Section), Cross Section (X Section) drawings, and Earthwork Quantity Reports for Earthwork filling & cutting in the construction of roads.
It simplifies the process of entering survey data, plotting of proposed road level, calculation of filling, cutting volume required to level the ground and generation of reports based on the data.

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