Thursday, September 22, 2011

netOffice – Review

netOffice is a web based project management tools written in PHP and utilizing MySQL. It has a surprisingly easy to use user interface, and it really is self explanatory, even for first time users. It has the same features as most other free web based project management tools but is set apart from the pack by its simple layout and amazing ease of use. It has four different user settings, for project managers, project administrators, project members as well as a setting for clients. The option to let the clients see what you're doing is what really makes this tool stand out, this means a client can see if you're on schedule, what you're doing and when. This will give your clients a greater sense of security, and may even persuade them to work with you again. netOffice has demo projects and client setups on its site for you to look at, but to do it justice you really do need to download it, install it and spend a few hours playing around with it and getting to know its features, surprises and style. Although its layout may not suit every taste, and its color scheme may be a touch bland, this free project management tool will certainly get the job done quickly and easily. Many would use netOffice as an introductory free project management tool, and then move onto more graphical and more complicated tools, but this may not be necessary if you're a small business, looking for a no thrills package. netOffice exports data into HTML files and this is the primary choice out of very few export options. It is also distributed under the GNU / GPL or the general public license, this means it can be used commercially and distributed freely as well as changed, altered and improved and it is an open source free management tool.

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