Friday, July 15, 2011

BuildersPal civil construction software

Builders Pal is a software aimed at assisting the construction industry. It is useful for Architects, Engineers, and Builders engaged in the construction industry, especially cement-concrete buildings. It can also be extended for use in water works, and sewerage as well.
It helps in accurately estimating the cost of the proposed construction. Then, it helps you prepare tender documents to obtain competitive bids in a manner of minutes. It also helps in preparing bills by taking away the tedium of computations - be it in Metres or Feet and Inches – it is a cakewalk for you. It also helps in material planning (cement, sand, bricks, CRS etc.). Builderspal is effective in -
- Cost estimation of Building works, Plumbing works and Electirification works
- Quantity Surveys
- Preparaation of detailed and abstract bills for progress billing of construction works
- Any civil construction works that makes use of a schedule of works

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